10 Useful AI Tools for VA Freelancers

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Artificial intelligence gives us creative solutions to minimize our efforts and save time at work. The increased accessibility of AI in the business sector has created new avenues for freelancers and entrepreneurs to generate income.

From virtual assistants and chatbots to machine learning and data analysis, AI has gotten mainstream in the digital economy, creating endless possibilities for people to make more money.

Even the technologically inexperienced among us can earn a fortune using sophisticated AI tools. These AI softwares offer solutions to streamline your workflow, improve productivity, and increase your bottom line. If you want to start a new career with AI or supplement your income, smart and robust AI tools will help you stay competitive in this digital age.

Here are ten effective AI tools to aid a freelancer or entrepreneur in making the most of the AI space.

1. ChatGPT

OpenAI’s newly introduced ChatGPT is worth your attention if you are searching for AI tools to make money. This chatbot has taken the internet by storm because of its incredible and diverse use cases.

It is a large language model that can answer all your questions asked in a well-curated manner. From generating ideas and outlines for creating high-quality content to providing suggestions to improving and proofreading your work, this new technology will help you flourish and earn both money and customer trust.

This incredible AI-driven tool has several valuable features, such as

  • Ability to write codes in any language requested.
  • Ability to quickly and accurately translate a set of text.
  • Robust way to research and create engaging marketing content.
  • Support the fastest response time.

2. AI. Image Enlarger

AI. Image Enlarger helps users the resolution of an image without losing its quality. This tool leverages smart enhancement technology to upscale your images, enhance their quality by reducing noises and sharpening, and resize it for presentation, printing, and other devices.

It works best for freelance photographers to create stunning portfolios, E-commerce sites to enhance product images, and cartoon anime lovers to create image resolution.

Here are a few prominent features of AI. Image Enlarger tool:

  • Add colors to your black-and-white photos with the AI photo colorizer.
  • Remove unwanted objects and watermarks with a magic eraser.
  • Convert your face photo to a cartoon character with an AI cartoonizer.
  • Offer AI noise reduction technology.
  • Offer privacy protection by applying redaction.

3. Scribe

Selling digital courses is a great way to make more money in this tech-savvy world. Scribe is a Chrome Extension to create courses, masterclasses, and tutorials.

Some key features of Scribe involve:

  • Rich text editor to create guides.
  • Drag and drop interface to help build guides.
  • Provide pre-build templates.
  • Offer multi-language support.
  • Allow text extraction from screen capture.
  • Offers both in-browser and downloadable AI-powered software applications.

4. Tome

Tome is an AI-generated storytelling tool. With the help of Tome, you do not have to spend more time designing slides than crafting ideas. This storytelling format enables a freelance writer to create a powerful story with any type of content, prototypes, live embeds, 3D rendering, and more.

Tome has several valuable features, such as:

  • Offer native video recording to talk through a nuanced point.
  • Offer an image editor to make your story more compelling.
  • Enables live and interactive content from the web.
  • Designed to fit any screen, with no need for squinting or pinching to zoom.
  • Support Live Chat.

5. Boomy

Boomy is another great tool for creating AI-generated art. Boomy helps users create original music. Even if you have no music background, you can create AI art music using this one of the best AI art generators because 70 percent of Boomy users have never created a song before using this services of this tool.

Boomy creates an original song by leveraging artificial intelligence technology. Users choose their music genre, an then Boomy shows its magic by generating unique music. You can submit this original music to streaming platforms and make money with AI.

  • A diverse range of musical themes and genres.
  • Editing options for making changes to your creation.
  • The free account has access to limited downloads, features, and saves.

6. Wallet.AI

Wallet.AI is a tool that assists in making great financial decisions. This tool offers intelligence engines that help analyze a large amount of data with the help of AI and machine learning for making informed decisions.

You can get personalized financial recommendations for saving, dept, payments, investments, retirements, etc.

Wallet.ai is a helpful app for taking control of your finances.

  • Offer resources, such valuable resources such as financial calculators, budgeting tools, and debt reduction plans.
  • Supports a mobile app that is equipped with a spending tracker.

7. Tribescaler

Tribescaler is an amazing Twitter tool to expand your online reach. With the help of this artificial intelligence tool, you can increase your networking space and let your tweets go viral.

This tool leverages AI algorithms to generate irresistible thread hooks.

Prominent features of Tribescaler are:

  • Creating an intuitive interface to generate hooks quickly.
  • Offering a library of hooks within 20+ categories.
  • Refining hooks to ensure the virality of your tweets.

8. Reface

Reface is innovative AI program to generate and modify movies. This is a great way to make money online in this tech-savvy world. It is an amazing audio and video face-swapping software to create deep fakes easily.

This tool can give life to your still images, where they can speak, sing, dance, and perform anything you want.

Here are some key features of Reface:

  • AI Avatar mode.
  • Face swapping feature.
  • Available for both Android and iPhone.
  • Long-term storage of your data, such as facial features.

9. Durable

This website-generating tool will help you develop your own website in seconds with images and text. These websites are designed in a professional way, making it hard to tell they’re AI-generated.

With Durable, entrepreneurs can get an amazing look for their websites to face the competition ahead.

Some highlighted features of Durable include:

  • Generating Websites.
  • Writing Google Ads.
  • Generating Business names.
  • Using Search engine optimization to Rank websites.
  • Making online invoices for robust payments.
  • Keeping track of your customers in one place.
  • Managing your business finances.

10. Stockimg.AI

Stockimg.AI is another great AI-powered designing tool to aid in making high-quality images for businesses, creative projects, and personal use. This website make AI art for users that suites their project goals.

You can find diverse options here to create wallpapers, posters, logos, stock images, wallpapers, book covers, illustrations, and to create art.

Here are few prominent features of this AI art-creating tool:

  • AI-powered text-to-image generation.
  • Quick image generation.
  • High-quality image generation.
  • Customization options.

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