Make-up Shift Guidelines

To maintain a consistent and fair work schedule, EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant are generally not permitted to do makeup shift unless there is an urgent, time-sensitive task that necessitates it. in Such cases, EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistants must obtain approval from the CEO or the COO.

This Policy helps maintain the integrity of the work schedule while still accommodating urgent task that require immediate attention. The approval process ensures transparency and proper oversight.

Once an approved makeup shift has been scheduled, changes to the original makeup shift schedule will generally not be allowed, except for reasons falling under the following categories:

  • Family Emergencies : Non-Contract Virtual Assistants may request a change to their makeup shift schedule in the case of family emergencies related to health and safety. Supporting documents must be provided to substantiate the VA’s Claim.
  • Natural Disasters and Unforeseen Events: Changes to the makeup shift schedule may be permitted in instances of natural disasters or unforeseen events that are beyond an individual’s control.
  • Personal Health Concerns: Non-Contract Virtual Assistants can request a change to their makeup shift if they have personal health concerns that require immediate professional medical attention.
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