Hubstaff Guidelines

RK RK Exercises for Enjuries Corp. uses a tracking software called Hubstaff to record and monitor EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant’s productivity for an accurate record of hours worked as a basis for computing salary and monitoring attendance.

Hubstaff Guidelines:

  • All EFI Non Contract Virtual assistants must use the time tracking software (Hubstaff) when they start their shift, before and after breaks, and turn the timer off once their work is done. The same must be done for overtime hours and make-up shits.
  • All EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistants are required to install Hubstaff on all devices that they are going to use for work.
  • Failure to use Hubstaff to clock in the time worked will result in a non computation of salary payment to date.
  • While certain circumstances are taken into account, EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistants still need to submit supporting documents to provide the accuracy of their Hubstaff work hours entries.
  • It is essential that EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistants maintain accurate and unaltered records in the Hub staff time tracking system, ensuring transparency and honesty withoutengaging in any deceitful or fraudulent activities. Any evidence of cheating in Hubstaff will lead to non payment of salary, Final Pay (Including holdback Pay), and may result in a forced resignation.
  • The EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistants are accountable for regularly reviewing their Hubstaff records on a daily basis and promptly Notifying Their manager of any discrepancies or abnormalities detected in the time tracking app.
  • A faulty Device will not be accepted as a valid excuse for questionable records in Hubstaff EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant are responsible for ensuring that all devices used for work are in proper working condition and functioning accurately.
  • EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant are prohibited from making any modifications to the Hubstaff Schedule and settings. Only authorized personnel, specifically HR and COO personel, are permitted to make changes in Hubstaff schedule and settings. Furthermore, any adjustments to the Hubstaff settings must be approved by the Chief Operations Officer.
  • Engaging in any unauthorized alteration of schedules and settings can be viewed as an acc of dishonesty and may lead to serious sanctions or consequences in accordance with the Hierarchy of Sanctions.

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