Overtime Pay and Overtime Credit

Overtime Shall be understood to mean authorized work rendered in excess of eight (8) hours on regular workdays. The EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant who rendered an excess of eight (8) hours shall be paid for overtime work.

Overtime Work Rendered Without Proper authorization from the immediate manager shall not be considered compensated or credited.

The EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant Has an Option to file for an Overtime pay or convert the overtime mins/hours to a Leave Credit, which can be accumulated and used within one year only. All Unused Overtime Credits will be paid by the end of the 12 months.

For Overtime Payment Request, The EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant must submit an email request following the standard email format. Overtime Payment will apply only for overtime in hourly increments. Overtime that does not reach an hourly rate can be carried forward to the next or can be used as leave credit.

Note: An additional of 10% Night Differential pay shall be added if the overtime work hours happen from 10:00pm to 6:00am Philippine time. for details on how OT Pay is computed, the EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant May Contact the FIL Department.

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