Frequently Asked Questions

This post is all about the frequently asked questions of our VA’s

Holdback Pay

RK Exercises For Injuries Corp. Will keep half of the EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant’s First Salary. This is a one-time occurrence with the purpose of ensuring the protection of the company’s interests by preventing the hiring of unreliable and uncommitted virtual assistants who may cause unnecessary delays and expenses, such as but not limited to:

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Salary Payment Method & Payroll Schedule

All EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistants are currently Being paid through their Personal PayPal in USD funds. The agreed base pay is divided into two cut-off periods, and are being processed according to the assigned payroll schedules for each EFI Non-Contract Virtual Assistant Note: The salary Payment method (Paypal) may change in time under any given

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About Work Logins

Access to Work Gmail, Zoom, Facebook, Hubstaff, and Lastpass and all otheer logins provided by the company should be linked to phone numbers and emails owned by the company for recovery purposes. Unauthorized modifications or addition of recovery information is strictly prohibited. Additionally, to Ensure security, all work programs and applications should only be accessed

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